" It's been 2 yrs since you installed my brick paver patio. Tonight after mowing my lawn in 100% humidity I sat on it and remembered the night Jeff came to give me my estimate. I am so pleased with how much enjoyment I get from it. Alone or entertaining it is the Highlight of my yard! Being an outdoor person it has proven to be an awesome investment. I know it was a small project for your company but the pleasure and happiness it has given me and will continue to provide is HUGE! Thank you again!! "

" Mr. Reeser & Crew; Thank you for the "Thank You" card, the before and after photos and for the awesome job you did in my backyard. I had to respond to your card because I have never known a business to send "Thank You Card" for your business. As a matter of fact this entire business transaction from estimate to the completion of the job has driven me to express what I thought about everything. After obtaining five (5) estimates yours was not the low nor the high, but I liked the photos on your website, family owned business and the description of how to correct the problem matched what I had in my mind that I hoped was possible. "